Products and tips for the perfect gift

We are back again to help you with your last-minute Christmas presents. This year, Gerard’s has created wonderful gift ideas to put under the tree, designed to give joy and harmony to the skin of the lucky recipients.

Don’t forget about your balance as well! Why not treat yourself this Christmas as well?

The Dreamy Christmas collection

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Let’s begin with a genuine Gerard’s Christmas. Close your eyes and envision an enchanted atmosphere where the symbols of tradition meet with dreams.

Open your eyes, and here you go! The three sachets of the Christmas Dreamy collection are ideal to fulfil the needs of clients in pursuit of a special gift that combines beauty, wellness and relax with the excellence of Gerard’s products and the signature of a special artist (you already know her!) Giulia Rosa.

Unique sachets that will leave you radiant! Let’s look at them more closely.

Dream big

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Dream Big contains essential face products at a very special price!

Soysoy Jaluractive Replenishing Face Cream with Hyaluronic Acid – SPF s a treasure of vitality for stressed skin types presenting early lack of tone and in need for oxygenation. Rich in Hyaluronic Acid with high molecular weight, it delivers long-lasting hydration, re-plumps hollow and relaxed areas of the face, reshaping its volume.

Soysoy Jaluractive Lifting Face Serum with Hyaluronic Acid counters the first signs of aging, tiredness and dull skin caused by dead cells. Containing DermoPlankton and Hyaluronic Acid, it stimulates the synthesis of elastin and collagen. Biocorrector, extract of Hawaiian micro-seaweed, promotes cellular respiration and protect against free radicals.

Sleepy Mood Mask Night Face Mask with Ultra-Regenerating Action is a special night balm that removes tiredness, and, in the morning, it makes skin shine with new beauty thanks to the nourishing synergetic combination of Maracuja oil, Shea butter, Centella Asiatica extract and relaxing essential oils.

Dream Softly

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If you are looking for essential products to nourish the beauty of your face, or to gift to someone special, Dream Softly is the perfect present to put under the tree!

It contains Aquasense Repairing Face Cream with Regenerating Effect which, thanks to Hyaluronic Acid, with a moisturizing long-lasting effect, and Codiufill, innovative complex with marine green seaweeds, it reactivates the key beauty factors: elasticity, radiance and firmness.

Just like Dream Big, this sachet contains Sleepy Mood Mask: the more the merrier! These practical face masks can be used anywhere you go, even during a short break by the mountains.

To counter the cold, there’s nothing better than Dreamy Hand Balm restoring hand cream with harmonizing effect. Formulated with active ingredients with intense regenerating, restoring and soothing actions, it protects the skin against external agents, delaying skin aging. Enriched by ingredients with a neurocosmetic action, it pampers the skin and provides an incredible feeling of relaxation.

Sweet Dreams

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What about new body and mind harmony? Sweet Dream is the answer! Three products made by Gerard’s to restore balance and love in the most wonderful time of the year.

Dreamy Body Fluid is a regenerating body lotion with harmonizing effect that provides intense nourishment whilst smoothing and deeply regenerating the skin. Enriched by active ingredients with a neurocosmetic action, to deliver a general feeling of relaxation, ideal to promote a peaceful and restful night’s sleep.

This kit features a unique product we have introduced before (also available to buy singularly, like all other products, at any Gerard’s Spa): Lullaby Fragrance, calming pillow spray. Keep it on your nightstand and use it before going to bed. With its gentle and enchanting fragrance, with Cotton Flowers, it creates a soft and delicate atmosphere to promote a peaceful night’s sleep.

Last but not least, this sachet also contains Sleepy Mood Mask.

All you need is love

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Gerard’s treatments are the ultimate treat. By now, you know them well, however, we have a special one for the Festive Season, ideal to regenerate and get ready for Christmas dinner. Dreamy Ritual is the 60-minute summary of the skills of Gerard’s beauty consultants.

The special combination of Dreamy Body Mousse, Aroma Elixir Sweet Orange and Sweetie Mood Mask, deeply nourish face and body delivering a general feeling of wellness. By restoring the natural skin physiological balance, it leaves skin deeply hydrated, nourished, radiant and firm. Body and mind are pampered with a general feeling of wellness and relaxation. This beautifying ritual indulges body and mind with its tantalizing texture, the neurocosmetic active ingredients, and aromatherapy fragrances with a soothing and calming effect.

This new ritual and the sachets are available at Gerard’s Center only.
Hurry up and head to your nearest Center!