Professionalism and hygiene rhyme with beauty care. If the first is delivered by various factors (team, products, updates and innovation), the latter is unequivocal.

Today, we are going to present a very important topic: how to safeguard your health. A sensitive and current topic that encompasses many aspects of our everyday life.

First, let’s go back in time and look at the history of medicine.

One of the greatest accomplishments of modern society is, without a doubt, the invention of methods that guarantee and protect health hygiene. The first examples of sterilisation date back to the late 1800s. To achieve asepsis – a procedure that aims at preventing microorganism from contaminating unsterile organic parts  – thus, actual sterilisation, we have to wait until the introduction of the autoclave.

What’s the role of this important tool? By means of high temperatures, it decreases bacterial and viral load of treated objects to almost zero.

Hygiene is a fundamental aspect of our lives and health, as well as the foundation of some of our choices. For this reason, Gerard’s and its affiliate beauty centres have turned to Tecno-Gaz Industries, an undisputable leader in Italy for the production of high-level sterilisers.

For aesthetic use, Sterilbeauty is a top of the range certified autoclave, a symbol of professionalism, ethics and safety.

Through the combined use of high temperatures and vacuum technique, both sealed and unsealed tools are sterilised in line with quality standards imposed by laws and local regulations.

Choosing one is required:

  • To safeguard client’s health: body areas undergoing body treatments may host harmful viruses and bacteria responsible for serious diseases, including Hepatitis and HIV virus.
  • To safeguard the team’s health: if tools are not correctly sterilised, the risk of contagion at the centre raises dramatically.
  • To be in line with the law (Legislative Decree 81/2008): being able to prove correct sterilisation is an important legal protection in case of charges.

Always ask to open sealed tools in front of you, because to safeguard your health you have to entrust professionals that know how to take care of it.

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