It might (only) be May, however, it’s never too early to start getting ready for gradual and perfect tan!

Spring is here, and if we are guessing it right, you’ve already started dreaming about your tan!
In a way, the current lockdown lets us see the deck chair on our terrace or garden as a little symbol of normality. Laying down on your chair with a good book and a purifying herbal tea is a delightful remedy that we should all enjoy for a break from the outside world.

Why not getting ready now and carefully choose the products that will be our companions throughout the summer? Sun means tan, however, also protection and skin care. So? We must find the right solution for ourselves! Gerard’s has been spreading its cosmetic culture since 1970. We are proud of this, as for us, knowledge has many sides and many applications. Our mission has always been perfect harmony between people and the environment. Our fragile Earth is asking us to be responsible, and it’s our duty to respond, which is why we developed a line of Sea & Skin Friendly sunscreens. Our motto? Maximum protection, minimum environmental impact.

Let’s start with the packaging, which was designed to be completely green and sustainable.
We only use FSC certified paper, without plastic coating and chemical bleach. Moreover, our containers are made of BIO-PE derived from sugar canes, exclusively grown on sustainable lands in Brazil. There is no leaflet, as all useful information is included directly on the box. A completely zero-waste approach.

What about the ingredients? We have banned oxybenzone, octinoxate, octocrylene, zinco oxide nano, titanium dioxide, silicon and petrolatum, to safeguard your health and our oceans’ health at the same time. The reason is very simple. We are hearing more and more about the potential polluting impact of sun creams and the adverse effect that some ingredients contained in sunscreens may have not only on the marine ecosystems, but also on our body.

For our Skin & Sea Friendly line, we have chosen a mix of carefully selected ingredients that guarantee at the same time:

  • Proven photostability
  • Water resistant and broad-spectrum UVA-UVB protection
  • High skin tolerability
  • Maximum protection and safety for the whole family
  • Prevention of coral bleaching
  • Safeguarding of marine ecosystems

A constant commitment that led us to Hydropuntil, a precious active ingredient obtained from Sicilian Fico d’India pads, providing a moisturising and anti-oxidising action. Protection and nourishment are delivered by Grape Seed Oil and Olive Oil, both made in Italy, which
support the structure of the hydrolipidic film. The soothing and anti-oxidising action is guaranteed by Wild Blueberry and Pomegranate ecobiofluids obtained from organic certified manufacturing waste of the agricultural and food industry. Our aim is to provide you with professional and high-quality products.

Our Sea & Skin Friendly line smells like saltiness, wind and sweet sun warmth. The inspirations behind our three sunscreens are our wonderful Mediterranean islands and lands:


Don’t forget to moisturise your skin after sun exposure with AMALFI , our extra comfort face-body after sun milk of the Sea & Skin Friendly line. Its ultra-rich, softening and regenerating formula leaves skin immediately feeling fresh and soft, restoring optimal hydration. Fundamental for an even and long-lasting tan.

How do we get ready for tanning? You can start now by taking one stick a day of SUN-ACTIVE ICE POP DRINK , dietary supplement with Calendula, Acerola, Riboflavin, Niacin, Zinc and Manganese, Gerard’s solution to perfectly prepare your skin for tanning. You can store it in the refrigerator, take it as it is, or mix it with some delicious fruit juice. You can also put it in the freezer and turn it into a mini-size ice pop.

Another ally to your tanning mission is Gerard’s BRONZE SHAKE, our exotic exfoliant and beauty ritual with beautifying, exfoliating and illuminating properties, thanks to Bora Bora sand and vanilla beans microgranules. Complete the treatment with our special tan activator for a sun-kissed effect. Go on and see for yourself!

You can order all the above listed products and many more from our online shop! Contact your trustworthy beauty centre to receive a special discount.
One last tip, not a beauty one this time: follow our blog, we will soon take you to CAPRERA, the city that inspired the name of our sun tan booster.

Stay sunny!

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