Our anti-heat skincare beauty strategy

Summer is one of the best seasons of the year. With its long days, sunny weather and mood, it promotes relaxation, holidays and evenings spent with your friends. In other words, summer is a real state of mind.

At the same time, we long for freshness and lightness!

Although we all love the summer, heat, humidity and hectic days could make us less active. Gerard’s team has come up with some beauty tips to help alleviate the inconvenience caused by the heat. Are you ready to feel at your best?

Fresh cleansing step to start the day

In the summer, many women notice that their skin is more oily and uneven, or that pores are dilated.

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The best thing to do, is to start with a basic step, whatever the season – cleansing, in the morning and evening. Puresense is the line designed for combination and oily skin types; ideal to leave the skin feeling fresh, with a soothing and non-drying action. Puresense Cleansing Gel, with its delicate foamy effect, eliminates deep impurities and any traces of make-up in the evening (never go to be with your make-up on!). The extracts of Liquorice, St John’s wort and Propolis, as well as the Sebum Balancer Complex – vegetal complex with astringent action – clear the pores from excess sebum, leaving skin silky and mat.

Puresense Toner, on the other hand, tones up and balances sebum production. The mix of Centella and Lemon extracts, Fomes Officinalis mushroom and Iris Florentina – purifying, moisturising and soothing – minimises pores and regulates the sebum production, reducing the shiny effect.

Your vanity case against the heat

Light-weight, quickly-absorbed products that do not leave the skin looking “greasy” are the season’s must-have.

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For example, Aquasense, Face Sorbet Cream, with its smooth texture, is a real splash of vitality for your skin. Featuring Codiufill Complex, derived from green Seaweeds – with oxygenating and re-mineralising properties – actives 24h-long deep hydration.

Recreage, on the other hand, is a slightly richer cream with a bouncy texture that transforms uneven skin, for a charming flawless effect. Glycolic acid, the star of the formula, ensures gradual exfoliation and promotes cell turnover, to help the skin restore ideal perfection; the re-densifying complex with Elastin and Collagen restores the skin’s deepest layers. 

The famous “beauty sleep” 

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The sun, the daily use of products on the face, sebum and sweating may dehydrate and inflame the skin. Make your skin radiant again with a restful night’s sleep, and with Sleepy, special beauty balm to apply during the night and enjoy perfectly smooth and nourished skin in the morning. Sleepy benefits from the nourishing synergy of Maracuja oil, Shea butter, Centella Asiatica extract and relaxing essential oils.

Icy and anti-swelling effect for the body

Do your legs feel swollen and heavy? Fight this unpleasant feeling with Gerard’s body line.

Enjoy a refreshing ritual whenever you want with Gel Defatigante, ideal to provide relief to your legs. The formula, containing Menthol and Blueberry, improves the cutaneous blood microcirculation and immediately soothes from swelling and tiredness.

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Gel Marine, quickly-absorbed gel with intensive effect, smoothens and re-compacts areas prone to cellulite blemishes and water retention. By promoting the cutaneous blood microcirculation and the mobilization of liquids, it leaves legs feeling light and tones up the tissues.

It only takes a few steps to placate the feeling of intense heat. Follow our simple face and body tips for your summer beauty routine! Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and… enjoy your summer!

Gerard’s team and our Beauty Specialists are here to give you beauty consultations, as well as even more performing professional treatments at the Salon, specifically designed for each season.