Now you can do it, thanks to the new cosmetic workout, only available at Gerard’s beauty centres

Over the past few months, while using up all our energy and giga of our Internet plan, we have been trying to keep in shape with intensive online training programs. We didn’t skip our yoga sessions, we have been jogging at home, lifting bottles or doing burpees in our bedrooms. Now it’s time to stop downloading random apps and start thinking of a long-lasting and serious reshaping plan. No more improvisation, no more do it yourself. Trust one of Gerard’s partner Institutes and book an appointment to discover our innovative Body Wod X-Treme treatment.

You have a new partner! Body Wod X-Treme

Gerard’s laboratories have developed the best solution for your body. Body Wod X-Treme is the first intensive beauty fitness that simulates the four phases of a daily workout.
Yes, you’ve read that right. No hassle, no sweating, only skilful hands and professional products on your body. Rely on your trustworthy Beauty Consultant and ask for the new cosmetic training designed by Gerard’s. Your special partners to fight cellulite, diffuse body fat, water retention and skin relaxation will be exclusive massage techniques combined with ultra-specific formulas. This very simple program is inspired by complete workout sessions that you would normally do at the gym, the only difference is that you will be lying down on a comfortable bed while getting pampered by the skilful hands of Gerard’s professional beauty therapists.

WARM UP: draining phase

The first synergetic step features a rebalancing body cleansing milk, Body Wod X-Treme Detox Fluid, and the Warm Up Massage. It works on excess fluids, water retention and built-up toxins, providing overall benefits, such as:

  • purified skin
  • restoration of the correct skin physiological balance
  • mobilisation of stagnant liquids from the dermis

CARDIO: fat burning phase

The goal of the second step is to boost the basal metabolism to increase fat oxidation. How? Thanks to Cardio Massage and Oloil Body Fluid, followed by the application of Body Wod X-Treme Thermo Mud, a special firming body mud with thermo-lipolytic effect. The goals of this phase are:

  • to tone up and firm up tissues
  • to visibly reduce body blemishes
  • to actively work on the lipid metabolism

SCULPT: firming phase

During the third phase, we are working in a balanced way on specific body areas affected by lack of tone. Sculpt Massage and Oloil Body Fluid perform a synergetic action, followed by the action of Blue Mask, body mould with lifting effect. The benefits of this workout step include:

  • a reshaping and redefining action for the areas affected by lack of tone
  • immediate and visible push-up effect 
  • firm tissues

COOL DOWN & STRETCHING: perfecting and elasticising phase

The results achieved so far need to be perfected by Lipo-Cell Shock, an intensive body wrap to fight skin blemishes linked to body fat, as well as Cool Down Massage and Oloil Body Fluid. The visible benefits include:

  • a reshaped silhouette
  • increased skin elasticity
  • defined results on a physiological level

The final result, at the end of these four steps, is a completely reshaped silhouette and a global loss of up to 12 cm at the end of cycle, a sharp decrease of diffuse body fat (up to -30%), and newly found skin elasticity. For a sneak peek of this amazing treatment, Gerard’s has created a preview on its youtube channel.

The cosmetic training continues at home

To support and enhance the benefits, Gerard’s has developed exclusive products to use on a daily basis, from the comfort of your home.

SLIM-ACTIVE DRINK and LIPO-ACTIVE DRINK dietary supplements counter weight gain and promote the elimination of excess toxins thanks to a purifying action (performed by the first) and a stimulating action for the metabolism (performed by the second). This exclusive beauty program features a set of home care products designed to tone up the tissues, help to reduce excess body fat, and re-harmonise the silhouette. We are talking about BODY ACTION KIT, which includes Cryo Slim, refreshing gel to promote the skin blood microcirculation, and Thermo Slim, the thermo-active partner that leaves your skin feeling smoother. In case of diffuse body fat, apply Thermo Slim in the morning and Cryo Slim in the evening. In case of localised body fat, it is recommended to invert the application sequence.

With Body Wod X-Treme, your summer will look completely different.To find out which Gerard’s centres provide Body Wod X-Treme Treatment, please visit our  spa locator.

For any further information, please contact us!