It’s time to welcome Autumn and discover its secrets

Beauty and colour are two almost inseparable themes. Just like when a painter creates a palette for their painting, colour harmony is the essence of a balance to pursue every day with make-up, styling, and even a total hair makeover.

But how do we ensure the success of our daily choices? The answer is simple: just look at yourself in the mirror. Have you ever wondered why certain colour combinations make you glow? The reason is called seasonal colour analysis. Let’s find out more.

What is Seasonal Colour Analysis?  

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Seasonal Colour Analysis is the science that studies colour harmony. It reveals which shades to avoid and which ones to choose to bring out the best in your complexion.

The right colours are capable of conveying wellness, illuminate the skin and minimise imperfections. This practice is inspired by natural harmony, and more specifically, by the perfection of the four seasons palette, empirically demonstrating how each person, with their unique combination of skin tone, eyes and hair, belongs to a single season which will govern the best matches to be in tune with yourself.

How can we figure out our own season?

Understanding Seasonal Colour Analysis: hue, value and chroma

My dear, it’s not as easy as it seems. It takes patience and you need to follow certain steps to determine your season.

To understand how a person’s natural colours are matched with the seasons, let’s delve into the colour theory first. The first distinction to make is between warm and cool colours, and then, you need to identify your hue, value and chroma.

The most important one is the first, as it decides the season you belong to.

Finding your season, and even more so, your undertone, is not easy, but it’s certainly not impossible either.

Hue (or temperature): it may be WARM or COOL and refers to skin pigments.

Value (or tone): it refers to the eyes and hair colour and may be LIGHT or DARK.

Chroma: is the overall value of eyes-skin-hair colour, and it may be MUTED or BRIGHT (soft/clear).

Autumn is not a season: it’s a mood

In this article we will cover the current season, that is, Autumn. Don’t worry, we will cover the upcoming seasons as well!

According to the season theory, the Autumn characteristics are warm skin tone and dark olive complexion; chestnut, red, blonde or black hair, with golden or copper hints; green or hazel eyes, including deep brown with auburn hints. The reference colours are earth shades, as well as golden shades. The Autumn colour palette includes orange, copper, bronze and brown, yellow, mustard, plum, cream, ivory and green. The colours to avoid are purple, baby pink, grey and black.

Watch out though: brown does not necessarily equal Autumn. If you don’t fancy beige, if green makes you uncomfortable and orange is you enemy, then you don’t belong to this group!

Our latest Autumn Capsule

For our Autumn readers, Gerard’s has designed a capsule with the shades that suit you. Inspired by the boho-chic style, this collection combines present and past, evoking a natural and sensual beauty. Make-up to enhance the eyes with golden hues, vibrant nail polishes like desert sand, nude lips with scarlet pigments, and cheeks enhanced by the warm colours of the earth.

Eyeshadow palette

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Irresistible eyes autumn is a compact eyeshadows palette featuring four rich and easy to blend shades with either a mat or shiny finish: all in the palm of your hand to take with you everywhere you go!

For limitless looks and endless combinations.

Emotion Lipstick

Emotion Lipstick, ultra-moisturising and shiny lipstick has a creamy and smooth texture for plump and impeccably perfect lips.  

The formula, enriched by vitamin E, anti-oxidising and softening, smoothens, repairs and re-plumps the lips. The ultra-fine colour pigments provide intense hues without drying out the lips.

Are you unsure which shade to choose? Try these!

💃 Lady Red: opaque texture, mat finish, long-lasting wear.
🧚 Lovely Nude: simple and sensual shade, creamy and moisturising texture.
💖 Shiny Nude: smooth and moisturising texture, replenishing and volumizing effect.

Vernis Nail

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An exclusive range of vibrant and shiny colours that represent Gerard’s world. Innovative formula for rich colours and up to 7-day perfect wear! 

Formulated as a true cosmetic treatment, these nail polishes create a film that strengthens and protects the nails. Even application and vibrant shiny colours for many days.

The special brush with detachable anti-slip module delivers effortless, quick and precise application!

We are sure you are going to love our Blue Voyage, Sahara Sand and Marrakesh brown shades!

N.B.: our nail polishes are free of harmful substances such as formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, camphor and TSFR, therefore, they are safe to use even for pregnant women.

Blush & Bronzer

To enhance your face and brighten your day until the evening, Gerard’s has three wonderful products.

Our total o double blush satin effect blushers (single or double colour) are compact powder blushers to enhance your cheekbones with perfect hold. With a creamy and smooth texture, these blushes deliver effortless application and a gradual blended effect.

What about our beloved bronzer?

True bronzer powder is a lightweight, radiant and silky bronzer for a glowy and healthy complexion with just a few brush strokes. Its shades recreate a natural tanning effect just like the sun’s golden hues. The long-wear formula, enriched by natural moisturising active ingredients, does not dry out the skin.

Ideal also as a finish to redefine the face contour.

Don’t forget that our Seasonal Colour Analysis does not end here. For the other three seasons, tips and more, keep checking our blog.

And remember, at least when it comes to colour analysis, mid-seasons are still real!