Every woman has different needs when it comes to beauty and wellness. Each body is beautiful and unique, and we need to learn how to love it. We all have different needs and our idea of comfort is unique. With the sensitivity approach that has always made us stand out, we have been studying and researching body treatments and products (and much more) exclusively designed for the needs of each single Person. 

For over fifty years, we have been developing performing formulas in our laboratories to counter the most common issues, such as water retention, cellulite, body fat, stretch-marks and lack of tone.

The extraordinary performances are based on Gerard’s know-how: the skilful dosage of essential oils and plants extracts, selected and blended in each specific formula thanks to their compatibility and perfect synergetic function, delivers efficacy in every single product.

Beauty Shaping

Gerard’s Beauty Shaping is the immediate solution for harmonious silhouette. Our Beauty Shaping treatments, performed at the Institute, deliver results that are easy to maintain in record times.

The daily and regular use of the home-care products of the line, such as Cryo Slim and Thermo Slim, firms up the body, helping to reduce excess body fat.

The rebalancing action of Cryo Slim is delivered by the synergetic combination of Spring water Oligo-element and Actibiome, a precious natural Probiotic that protects the skin microbiota. Butcher’s Broom, Ivy, Arginine and Carnitine work on the skin appearance and tone up the legs, delivering a pleasant cool-down effect.

Thermo Slim, containing Green Coffee, Ivy, Centella Asiatica, Turmeric and a complex made of 2.5% Wheat Hydrolysed Proteins and Hyaluronic Acid, leaves the skin supple and firm. Thermo Slim produces a thermo-active and smoothing effect on the skin. Thanks to their smooth texture, free of parabens and mineral oils, all products deliver targeted results whilst protecting the skin! The combo is available in a practical kit on our online shop.

Snelling, the must-have with a history behind 

An honourable mention goes to Snelling, intensive cream to counter blemishes caused by stubborn cellulite, water retention and diffuse body fat. This best-seller has made Gerard’s history. Today, Snelling contains the precious secrets of the original formula as well as the most innovative ingredients. Its natural formula contains Lavender essential oil, Sage, Caffeine, Lemon and sweet Almond Oil. This intensive cream firms up the tissues and helps to reduce orange-peel skin, the perfect partner to counter cellulite in case of fragile capillaries.

What about water retention?

Bloated legs, typical in the summer, are not only annoying, but also, could lead to blemishes, such as the well-known “orange-peel skin”. Gel Marine Cryo Gel Perfect Silhouette, containing Ivy, Spirulina Seaweed, Spring water Oligo-elements and Castor oil, with its lightweight and quickly absorbed formula, is ideal to use after showering! Gel Marine performs and immediate action, by smoothing and toning the tissues and reactivating the skin blood microcirculation. Enjoy a quick massage from the ankles to the hips!  

Gerard’s tailor-made concept

Whatever result you are looking for, we have the answer. Our offers are developed by carefully listening to women’s aesthetic needs, to provide the right solution. It’s in this philosophy that Gerard’s Way thrives, our unique individual, sensitive and aware approach, which, since 1970 has made us the ambassador of the beauty culture around the world

Enjoy a carefree summer with Gerard’s: get in touch with your Beauty Consultant to request a customised program, exclusively designed for you.