Leo Lady, born between July 23 and August 22, is a force of nature you should not be messing with. Your personality is lively and full of life, and your enthusiasm and exuberance may be contagious. 

Let’s be honest: it’s difficult for you to go unnoticed.

2021 will be a brilliant and fantastic year for you. Your life vision is clearer than ever, your ambitions and goals for the future are clearly set up. This aspect will apply not only to your life and career, but also, to the bond with people you are close with. If you are either single or in a relationship, there may be some fireworks in your relationship, because your chemistry, my dear Lady, is completely untamed this year.

Green light to feelings

This year, the stars are by your side, Lady Leo. The Universe wants to help all Leos to grow and become stronger than ever. This year marks the start of a new life chapter featuring perseverance, in which karma proves that you are made of steel forged by fire. All you need to do is focus and determination. Challenges will reshape you and any relationship that will end will push you to understand the type of connections truly satisfy you, and those that are just holding you back.

Remember, Lady Leo, you only deserve the best; after all, you are a star! Which is why we have designed a special beauty routine that perfectly matches your unique personality.

Good morning Beauty! 

To maintain you regal and roaring personality, you will need a selection of dynamic products, just like you. Products that will accompany you in an agile manner throughout the day, without being too much in the way.

The GENACTIVE Line is just what you need.

When you wake up, opt for Genactive eye contour with replenishing effect. This cream immediately works on the critical areas of the eye contour: fine lines, wrinkles, signs of dryness and loss of tone.

Genactive Complex, with its replenishing action similar to Hyaluronic acid, restores elasticity to the eye contour, smoothing wrinkles and expression lines with a lifting effect.

Apply to the eye contour, gently pat with your fingertips, and then, apply your usual face cream. Don’t know which one? Genactive day face cream by Gerard’s is the ultimate solution to all your questions and will soon become part of your morning ritual! Simply glide it onto face, neck and décolleté, and you are ready to go.

The innovative combination of Jointfir and Macarose complex, with Macadamia and Dog Rose oil, rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6, helps to restore the hydrolipidic barrier and protects against the harmful action of free radicals. When used regularly, the cream will perform a visible action on premature signs of aging while correcting already existing ones, such as fine lines and wrinkles. A true gift for your skin, enhanced by the mild sun protection factor.

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During the day: legs on point!

Ready to start the day, Leo Ladies should never forget to always carry Gel defatigante soothing gel for light legs.

This fresh and quickly absorbed product will provide relief to tired legs worn down by various factors, such as sedentary lifestyle, high heels, and intense heat. Menthol and Blueberry improve the skin blood circulation and immediately reduce swelling and tiredness. 

Use it throughout the day, as needed. Massage in a circular motion all over the legs, starting from the ankles until completely absorbed. It will soon become your best friend for the whole summer, to keep in your purse for any #SOS situation.

Leo’s well-deserved rest

A few things delight this sign like complete relax at the end of the day.

After working throughout the day, and after enjoying drinks with friends, as Lady Leo removes her natural speed, she loves being regal even when she relaxes.

Step one: exfoliate and illuminate the skin with Re-white Age Control Micropeeling bio-stimulating and unifying Cleanser. Used every day after removing make-up, this extraordinary micro-peeling with a powerful astringent, soothing and smoothing action, gently cleanses the skin, getting rid of impurities and minimizing skin spots. 

Your complexion will look even; skin will look smoother, fresher and younger, ready to enjoy the benefits of the ani-spots and anti-aging products of your beauty routine. Remember to apply it daily, in the morning and evening, after removing make-up. Application tip: apply two pumps onto a moistened hand and evenly apply onto face. Leave on for 20 seconds and rinse off.

Step two: shower. The perfect break to melt away stress and tension and restore balance. Pepper Pampering Aromatherapy Body Wash will guide you through this sensorial journey with Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter, by gently cleansing the skin, delivering long-lasting hydration. Enriched by essential oils of Sweet Orange and Pink Pepper, harmonising and relaxing, it will take you straight to Provence. 

Last step: Party Mood Mask, extraordinary mask with iridescent gel with a shocking lifting effect. Enriched by Bearberry extract, with illuminating properties, Sesame Oil hydrolysed proteins and Cocoa Seeds, it leaves your skin smooth and fresh. A true elixir for your skin!

All the above-mentioned products are available on our online shop: treat yourself to exclusive moments of beauty and wellness with Gerard’s. Our Beauty Consultants are always there for you to give you any tips. See you next time with Gerard’s new Beauty Horoscope!

Gerard’s Horoscope illustrations are designed by @giuliajrosa, an Illustrator and Motion Designer born in 1992 in Brescia. Her artwork is completely digital, created on an iPad and completed with graphic design programs. Her work has been published in various national and international magazines, such as Forbes Magazine, Marie Claire, Vice, Picame, Wired, Collater.al, Sogood, Society. In 2018, she published her first illustrated book “Marina”, dedicated to Marina Abramovic, followed by Amore mio illuminato” in 2019. In 2020, as an illustrator, she collaborated with Fabbri Publisher for the book “Making of Love”, and her first illustrated book called “Pages Not Found” was published the same year. She has a solid fanbase on the web and over 400k followers on Instagram.