Lots of exclusive skincare tips by Gerard’s

Libra. Did you know that you are the most aesthetic sign of the zodiac? Beauty is not only very important to you, it’s almost your mission. You are willing to do anything to look and feel good all the time.

Your dominant planet is Venus, which also happens to be the planet of love, luxury, beauty (again) and fondness. Being beautiful is clearly spelled in your DNA. And let’s be honest, it comes with a pinch of vanity (Kim Kardashian is a Libra: bible).

Incredible aesthete

Libra signs are so gorgeous because beauty naturally runs in their veins. Signs governed by the planet of love and attraction enhance harmony inside, therefore, they can bring this magnificent vibration in every situation they find themselves in. You appreciate beauty; your aestheticism almost has a nineteenth-century feel and you are not afraid to indulge in the latest fashion trends. We know that as a fan of beauty, the pack is important to your purchase habits. Not only do you cherish products that satisfy your strict expectations, but you also care about the attention to details when it comes to materials. 

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Not all that glitters is gold! It’s Caviar!

Did Gerard’s Laboratories have you in mind when they designed the Caviar Line?

An exclusive luxurious pack, a unique beauty treasure.

Caviar Chrono-Cosmetic Day Face Cream, with re-densifying effect, regenerates tissues with wrinkles and lack of tone. The precious extract of Grey Caviar, rich in vitamins and with a long-lasting regenerating cellular action, re-plumps and firms up the face, redefining the contour. Apply daily with gentle touches onto perfectly cleansed face, neck and décolleté.

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Complete the beauty ritual with Caviar Chrono-cosmetic night cream. Ideal to promote the repairing and regenerating processes that skin activates at night. Thanks to its innovative slowly released formula, two powerful bio-active ingredients, Caviar extract and Hyaluronic Acid, work on various layers to provide firmness and radiance in the morning.

Every evening, wear your luxurious caviar all over the face by applying a generous layer on lips, neck and décolleté. 

Always young, always glowy, always on point.

And what about a wow effect? Absolute Lifting – Intensive Serums with Anti-aging Effect, Anemone, Ibisco and Calicanto, a treasure of ultra-concentrated serums with a global anti-aging action formulated with pure functional active substances to awaken the skin’s youth potential by protecting it against factors responsible for aging. Their effectiveness is delivered thanks to Spring water oligo-elements, which act as an energy coin to activate the functional substances.

After cleansing, and before the specific cream, for one week, apply a few drops of Anemone Serum on face, neck and décolleté with gentle touches until complete absorption. The second week, apply Ibisco Serum, and the third week, apply Calicanto Serum. 

Don’t forget about the body! Hydrating Emulsion 50years is a moisturising lotion with a light and quickly absorbed texture to provide instant softness and radiance to the skin. The formula contains a blend of active ingredients with intense restoring and regenerating properties.

After showering or bathing, apply with a gentle massage all over the body. You will be surprised by how regenerated your skin will look!

One final pampering moment before some well-earned relax

Last but not least, a great resource when you need a boost of calmness and relaxation just as much as you need correct hydration: Zen Mood Purifying and Re-oxygenating Face Mask Mousse, the solution to every down moment.

Purify the skin and remove negativity thanks to the synergetic blend of Birch, Yarrows and Witch-hazel extracts, for a rebalancing detox effect.

Apply a layer of mask on dry and clean skin, avoiding the eye contour.

Leave on for at least 15 minutes and rinse with generous lukewarm water.

Where can you buy Gerard’s products?

It couldn’t be easier, dear Libra. To get all the products mentioned in your beauty routine, simply head to our online shop, and enjoy exclusive moments of beauty and wellness with Gerard’s. Our Beauty Consultants are always there for you for any tips. See you soon with Gerard’s next Beauty Horoscope!

Gerard’s Horoscope illustrations are designed by @giuliajrosa, an Illustrator and Motion Designer born in 1992 in Brescia. Her artwork is completely digital, created on an iPad and completed with graphic design programs. Her work has been published in various national and international magazines, such as Forbes Magazine, Marie Claire, Vice, Picame, Wired, Collater.al, Sogood, Society. In 2018, she published her first illustrated book “Marina”, dedicated to Marina Abramovic, followed by Amore mio illuminato” in 2019. In 2020, as an illustrator, she collaborated with Fabbri Publisher for the book “Making of Love”, and her first illustrated book called “Pages Not Found” was published the same year. She has a solid fanbase on the web and over 400k followers on Instagram.