The archer of the horoscope that strikes us with a wild soul is shooting the arrow!

Sagittarius is the star of the months of November and December. It is often portrayed as a centaur, half human, and half horse, and it’s clear how the dual nature of this sign, which has a human and rational side, as well as a wild and impulsive one, is indicative of her nature. 

Born to be adventurous 

Energetic, daring and brave, Sagittarius loves to explore the world. 

Passionate and curious, she is often the funny friend of the group, the one that turns a boring evening out into an unforgettable and eventful one.

Like most fire signs, she craves attention and praise. If she wants to ask someone out, she simply ask them with no hesitation. She is not the kind of woman who waits for changes to happen! She makes them happen instead. When it comes to her career, this solar sign needs something that gives her flexibility and freedom. When she feels suffocated and is told what to do, she will rebel against it. She is the type of person that follows her dreams with determination, no matter how grand or unlikely they may be.

Skincare on top

If the ideal definition for Sagittarius is “serial hoarder of life experiences”, her beauty case, which she takes everywhere, will be practical and versatile, ideal for any kind of adventure. With its reminiscence of the mysterious Orient, Bamboo Creamoil is a body balm with precious Bamboo bio-extracts, combined with Sweet Almond Oil and Marine Collagen to provide intense hydration, while deeply remineralising the skin.

The next two must-have products for her skincare are Calmsense Milk and Calmsense Cream.

Calmsense Soothing and Rebalancing Micellar Cleansing Milk, with its lightweight texture, gently removes make-up and deeply cleanses sensitive, reactive skin types prone to redness. The exclusive Physiocalm complex, containing skin-friendly natural active ingredients, performs an efficient soothing action while restoring the skin barrier and the ideal level of hydration, leaving the complexion even and radiant. To provide vitality to your wonderful proud face. Ideal to reduce skin’s reactivity day after day, and for visibly smoother and softer skin. 

Calmsense Absolute Comfort Soothing Face Cream, with its smooth texture, provides an immediate feeling of wellness to sensitive and reactive skin types prone to redness.

The anti-oxidising and protective actions are delivered by Uviox®, innovative vegetal extract obtained from the processing of Red Grapes skin. The exclusive Physiocalm complex, containing skin-friendly natural active ingredients, performs an intense soothing action, restores the skin barrier and the ideal level of hydration, leaving the complexion even and radiant. The result is firm and perfectly moisturised skin. Remember to apply it daily onto face, neck and décolleté, avoiding the eye contour. 

Sharing is caring

For a boost of vitality and hydration, Gerard’s has specifically designed Sharing Mood face scrub mask with exfoliating and invigorating properties to share with your friends at your next slumber party!

Enriched with Ginseng extract, Guarana and Lemon and Mint essential oils, the scrubbing action of Bamboo micro-spherules and Jojoba Oil gently exfoliates the skin, reactivating cellular respiration, for an immediate boost of vitality to share with anyone you want. For an evening ritual, massage in a circular motion and leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse off with generous lukewarm water. 

Beauty routine for the whole body

If you are planning a night in with a glass of wine and a bubble bath, Yantra Scrub regenerating body scrub with microgranules is the product for you.

This soft scrub combines the sweet purity of Vanilla microgranules with the exfoliating properties of Bora Bora sand. It promotes the natural cell turnover and leaves the skin radiant, smooth and flawless. EuphorylTM, the molecule of happiness, stimulates endorphins, providing harmony and relaxation. 

Gerard’s has also designed Gel Marine Cryo Gel Perfect Silhouette. This quickly-absorbed gel performs a powerful action to leave areas prone to the blemishes of cellulite and fluid retention firm and smooth. It promotes the skin blood microcirculation and the mobilisation of fluids, for a slimmer and redefined silhouette. Ideal to restore vitality to a tired Sagittarius. Highly recommended, it’s almost a miracle!

All made by Gerard’s

All the products mentioned in this article are available to buy on our online shop. We are looking forward to giving you exclusive moments of wellness! Our Beauty Consultants are here for any questions and tips. Until next time with Capricorn beauty horoscope!

Gerard’s Horoscope illustrations are designed by @giuliajrosa, an Illustrator and Motion Designer born in 1992 in Brescia. Her artwork is completely digital, created on an iPad and completed with graphic design programs. Her work has been published in various national and international magazines, such as Forbes Magazine, Marie Claire, Vice, Picame, Wired,, Sogood, Society. In 2018, she published her first illustrated book “Marina”, dedicated to Marina Abramovic, followed by Amore mio illuminato” in 2019. In 2020, as an illustrator, she collaborated with Fabbri Publisher for the book “Making of Love”, and her first illustrated book called “Pages Not Found” was published the same year. She has a solid fanbase on the web and over 529k followers on Instagram.