Beauty Tips for the first Earth sign

Gerard’s long-awaited Beauty Horoscope is back, and this month, all of our attention is focused on Taurus!

Our new way of interpreting beauty and wellness begins by studying the features of each month’s zodiac sign, because our personality can influence our beauty and skincare choices. Find out your own beauty forecast and tips for the Taurus girl.

Taurus 2021: time to change

This year has certainly been different. There have been many big decisions and interesting news under the influence of Uranus: the first rule for you is being ready to change. You are quite the creature of habit: in order to embrace change, you need to leave your routine behind. By doing so, you will be able to evolve and find new positive incentives! Worry not: Jupiter in Pisces, active between May and June, will be your loyal companion to help you find serenity and make the right decisions. Neptune and Pluto, on the other hand, will stimulate your sixth sense, preventing you from making the wrong choices.

What about your love life? The methodical attitude, typical of Taurus, is perfect. You will agree, however, that a bit of craziness and freedom are essential to fully enjoy romance! Thanks to Venus’ kindness, a dynamic year awaits you if you are single; whereas, if you are in a relationship, watch out for obstacles: it takes patience and persistence (qualities you certainly have plenty of). Mercury will be a loyal friend, helping you to improve communication with your partner. The most proactive period will be between August and September!

Between work and study, it’s really important to be able to visualize what you wish for. Positive vibrations and proactivity only: you will discover many hidden talents, while Jupiter will support you in your pursuit of hidden skills. 

From a financial standpoint, be sure you only help those you trust blindly. Moreover, be mindful of your personal expenses. Venus will be guiding your choices in this realm.

Beauty is… comfy & chic

A year rich in news and emotions, skincare for Taurus must rhyme with comfort! Choose innovative formulas that take care of your skin to provide an immediate and long-lasting sensation of wellness.

For example, Calmsense Absolute Comfort Soothing Face Cream and its impeccable INCI: an extraordinary light-textured moisturising cream to provide an immediate feeling of well-being to sensitive, reactive and redness prone skin types. The innovative vegetal extract Uviox combined with the exclusive Physiocalm complex, promote an intense soothing action, restoring the skin’s natural barrier and the correct level of hydration, for even and radiant complexion. The result is toned and perfectly hydrated skin.

Sublime skin texture = self-esteem through the roof

Who doesn’t love looking perfect? Taurus is certainly not an exception. For no-filter skin, try Rewhite Micropeeling, Bio-Stimulating and Unifying Cleanser. Used after removing make-up, it performs a powerful purifying and smoothing action, wiping out impurities and reducing skin spots.

The flawless effect is also guaranteed by SoySoy Jaluractive, Face Serum with Firming Effect. The complex made of Hyaluronic Acid and DermoPlankton counters the first signs of aging, stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin. The Biocorrector, extract of Hywaiian microseaweeds, promotes the cells’ respiration and protects against the damaging action of free radicals. Skin will look more radiant and fresher!

Wellness at home  

Your wellness routine wouldn’t be complete without a SPA wellness ritual… straight from home! Stock up on Zen Mood Mask, a must-have gentle mousse that purifies the skin and removes negativity thanks to the synergetic combination of the extracts of Birch, Yarrows and Witch-Hazel with a detox and rebalancing effect. Ommm!

Don’t forget your silhouette

Taurus always takes care of everything: we know that you want to look after your body at 360° to be at your best for the summer. Snelling cream is one of our bestsellers to counter stagnant liquids and diffuse body fat. By reducing the orange-peel-skin look, it firms up the tissues already from the first applications. All you have to do is put them to the test!

All of our products are available on Gerard’s online shop: treat yourself to exclusive moments of beauty and wellness with Gerard’s, even from home. One last tip? Contact your trusted Beauty Consultants for a customised consultation and beauty tips.

See you next time with the latest Beauty Horoscope by Gerard’s!


Gerard’s Horoscope illustrations are designed by @giuliajrosa, an Illustrator and Motion Designer born in 1992 in Brescia. Her artwork is completely digital, created on an iPad and completed with graphic design programs. Her work has been published on various national and international magazines, such as Forbes Magazine, Marie Claire, Vice, Picame, Wired,, Sogood, Society. In 2018, she published her first illustrated book “Marina”, dedicated to Marina Abramovic, followed by Amore mio illuminato” in 2019. In 2020, as an illustrator, she collaborated with Fabbri Publisher for the book “Making of Love”, and her first illustrated book called “Pages Not Found” was published the same year. She has a solid fanbase on the web and over 400k followers on Instagram.