Sensitive, intuitive, emotional and creative… Cancer, your time in the horoscope is here!

Your personality traits, affected by the influence of the Moon, tend to sweetness, sentimentalism as well as reflection. You trust your sixth sense, but in order to listen to your gut, you need to be in perfect balance with yourself. Therefore, we have gathered some tips to help you in 2021. Discover your Beauty Horoscope by Gerard’s.

Reach for the stars!

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2021 is a positive year for many signs of the zodiac, and you, Cancer, are one of the lucky ones.

Uranus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces create a cheerful atmosphere full of surprises in your love life. Remember though to pay close attention to your partner’s needs and feelings. If you are currently single and looking for a partner, say goodbye to old preconceptions. Be more flexible but, at the same time, do not set aside your rational side. Be alert and trust your well-developed sixth sense.

In your work life, you have both stability and room for growth. Neptune, Uranus and Jupiter will ensure that your hidden talents flourish, together with your creativity, reawakening your dormant ambitions. In the financial field, there will be two roads: you could either try and save or invest.

Focus on what you want

Now that you know what awaits you in 2021, remember to never neglect yourself. Take care of yourself to (re)discover new soul and body harmony. Physical and mental wellness are strictly linked to each other: your beauty routine should take care of all details.

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Firstly, enjoy a break from your everyday life with Pepper aromatherapy ritual scrub with Provence fragrances. The softening action of Monoi Tiare, combined with Sweet Orange, restore new beauty to the body, with a deep yet gentle smoothing effect. Apply with a gentle massage and enjoy a regenerating experience with its lush relaxing fragrance.

Face care? Essential.

The steps of your beauty routine will also be beneficial for your face. Calmsense, the line designed to provide a soothing and rebalancing action, is the right choice to cleanse, moisturise and take care of sensitive and reactive skin types, providing a deep feeling of comfort. Calmsense Micellar Cleansing Milk, for example, gently removes make-up and performs a deep cleansing action; whereas Calmsense Toning Spray is a simple daily routine to soothe and refresh your skin thanks to Lotus Flowers Water and its well-known refreshing properties.

The exclusive Physiocalm complex, containing highly tolerated natural ingredients, and featured in the entire Calmsense line, performs an efficient soothing action by restoring the correct levels of hydration to the skin barrier.

Goodbye dull skin!

If you are after radiant, smooth and replenished skin, the SoySoy Jaluractive Line is the answer to your needs. The Replenishing Face Cream, with SPF 8, is a treasure of vitality for stressed skin presenting early loss of tone and in need for oxygenation. Thanks to its formula, rich in Hyaluronic Acid with high molecular weight, it delivers long-lasting hydration, replenishes relaxed areas lacking in tone reshaping the face contour. The Lifting Face Serum, on the other hand, enhances the effect of the cream, countering the first signs of aging, tiredness and dullness caused by dead cells. Thanks to DermoPlankton and Hyaluronic Acid, it promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Lastly, the Biocorrector, extract of Hawaiian micro-seaweed, promotes cellular respiration and protects against the damaging action of free radicals.

No Stress Zen Attitude

When everyday life becomes overwhelming, it’s time for a break. Zen Mood, mousse face mask with a purifying effect, keeps bad vibes away thanks to the synergetic combination of Birch, Yarrow and Witch-hazel with a detox and rebalancing effect. The perfect treat to enjoy anytime of the week whilst listening to your favourite podcast… No stress!

You, before everything else 

Gerard’s philosophy is based on the sensitive and careful listening of women’s needs. Which is why each single product or treatment can become part of a lifestyle where wellness and beauty are the keywords to be in perfect balance with yourself!

All the above-mentioned products are available on our online shop. The Beauty Consultants of Gerard’s team will be happy to provide you with a customised consultation. Find your nearest Gerard’s salon!

Gerard’s Horoscope illustrations are designed by @giuliajrosa, an Illustrator and Motion Designer born in 1992 in Brescia. 

Her artwork is completely digital, created on an iPad and completed with graphic design programs. Her work has been published in various national and international magazines, such as Forbes Magazine, Marie Claire, Vice, Picame, Wired,, Sogood, Society. In 2018, she published her first illustrated book “Marina”, dedicated to Marina Abramovic, followed by Amore mio illuminato” in 2019. In 2020, as an illustrator, she collaborated with Fabbri Publisher for the book “Making of Love”, and her first illustrated book called “Pages Not Found” was published the same year. She has a solid fanbase on the web and over 500k followers on Instagram.