Since 1970 Gerard's Laboratories have been involved in the development of innovative products and treatments for the care of face and body, applying the know-how acquired thanks to the continuing relationship between researchers, beauty consultants and therapists.

By observing the ecosystem, selected professionals transform the extraordinary properties of natural elements into formulas with high-performance biomimetic active ingredients, using the most advanced technologies available in the field.

The 3 principal objectives in order to improve the appearance of the skin and to cancel the imperfections during the various stages of life are:

Prevent and block the appearance of imperfections and signs of ageing skin

Protect the skin from irreversible ageing caused by internal factors (i.e. hormones, stress, incorrect nutrition) or external factors (UVA, UVB, IR, waves, smog, smoke)

Fight imperfections, finding useful and final solutions through the use of cutting-edge bio-active ingredients and precious materials which are united in formulas which are safe, dermatologically tested, and are utilized in treatments carried out with expert manual dexterity