Gerard's supports Flying Angels Foundation
Contribute, along with us, to an extraordinary initiative: save a life!

Gerard’s has always been a strong supporter of social causes, and of those who need help or who work to help others. Once again, with an eye on the future, it has decided to become the official spokesperson of the new generations by offering its support in the search for the cure for childhood diseases together with the Flying Angels Foundation.

To offer your support for this initiative, just choose one of the many Gerard’s products bearing the Flying Angels Foundation seal, and for each product 0.50 € will be donated to the Association.

For the Flying Angels Foundation there are no borders. This Non-Profit Organization is dedicated to raising funds for the donation of airline tickets which allow infants in health-care emergency situations to get to the appropriate facilities where they can be cared for, and for medical teams to arrive in a timely fashion when necessary, as well.

The guiding principle of equality has inspired the Foundation to bring its aid to 53 countries throughout the world. Every country has its own unique stories, but in every case FAF, through the acquisition of airline tickets, guarantees to children all over the world the possibility to have, wherever there is a doctor or even a makeshift structure, the care necessary to save their lives.


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