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If you suffer from frequent episodes of swollen legs and cellulite with the classic "orange peel skin" effect, if not painful to the touch, choose GEL MARINE a super-moisturising gel that leaves a film on the skin to smoothen the typical "orange peel skin" uneven appearance, especially on thighs and gluteus..

Highly recommended to use when the weather is hot, and for those suffering from fragile capillaries and swollen limbs.

If your cellulite is stubborn, deep and painful to the touch, and in case of diffuse or localised body fat, then choose REDUCING, a special thermo-active treatment with liposomes to counter skin blemishes linked to diffuse cellulite, with an efficient action on the adipose tissues of abdomen, thighs, hips and gluteus, for a reshaped silhouette, visibly smoother skin, reducing the unsightly appearance of advanced cellulite.

Not indicated in case of fragile capillaries.

In case of fragile capillaries, choose SNELLING, the perfect product to fight stubborn cellulite linked to water retention and diffuse body fat. It efficiently stimulates the removal of stagnant liquids from the dermis, and the mobilisation of fatty acids from the superficial adipose tissue with an important lipolytic and reshaping action on thighs and hips.

“Orange peel skin” is visibly reduced, for a reshaped and slimmer silhouette.
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