Franciacorta: a well-known name all over the world, located in the province of Brescia, near Lake Iseo. An enchanting landscape with its immense vineyards, highlighting the strong bond between territory and wine tradition. It’s impossible to not link the name of this area with wine. The first vines were actually planted centuries ago, but real fame only arrived in the 70s, when the classic Franciacorta sparkling wine was given the DOCG status, and even today, it’s one of the most treasured wines of the area. Not only good wine, of course, but much more, and Gerard’s excellence is one of the treasures of this area.

Key words: nature and wellness

Not only wine cellars and high-quality sparkling wine: Franciacorta is home to many natural, architectural and artistic wonders. The perfect destination throughout all seasons, it leaves every tourist love-stricken. The Natural Reserve “Torbiere del Sebino”, where birdwatching is a must; the riveting “San Pietro in Lamosa” Monastery and the “Olivetana di San Nicola” Abbey are some ancient buildings with priceless artistic heritage. The to-do list of your weekend getaway is complete!

This is exactly where Gerard’s was established: in a territory that offers extraordinary wonders within everyone’s reach. Franciacorta is the perfect place to take some time for yourself and have a break from the city and reconcile with nature. Gerard’s concept of wellness reflects this philosophy.

Olos in wellness

Gerard’s was established in 1970 from an idea of Gerardo Barbieri, a man that understood the value of natural elements associated with cosmetic biotechnologies. Since then, we have placed the person’s needs first, by developing cosmetics that provide solutions.

The concept of wellness is enhanced by embracing an inner dimension: the new concept of aesthetic holistic treatments has become the innovative route towards wellness awareness. The perfect balance between fulfillment of the mind and harmony of the body.

Iconic treatments inspired by Franciacorta’s nature

Some of the ingredients found in Gerard’s innovative formulas are tightly linked to Franciacorta. For instance, Shaping Massage Oil, containing Grape Seeds Oil, belongs to the iconic Beauty Shaping program, the intensive solution for perfect silhouette.

This massage oil, rich in high-performance active ingredients, specifically targets cellulite blemishes, counters water retention and leg swelling by utilising the local-oriented elements. The formula was developed to promote the decrease of localised body fat, firm up and tone up the tissues. The secret ingredient is none other than Grape Seed; its extract is very rich in anti-oxidising active ingredients of phenolic origin.

By protecting against aging, Shaping Massage Oil leaves the skin feeling firm and supple.

A global brand. A strong bond with the territory.

By treasuring the elements typical of this wonderful territory, we have decided to enhance it through the use of precious locally-sourced components in products for professional beauty. Taking care of body and mind therefore becomes part of an aware process that takes into account the needs of both the person and the environment.

To find out more about Gerard’s history, mission and values, please visit the dedicated section on our website.