The exclusive multi-functional and sensorial body treatment is here

We know that you love taking care of yourself at 360°: you should do it for every aspect of your life, by practicing aware self-care. That’s right: what creates inner harmony and wellness also contributes to your external beauty! Did you know that this principle is the foundation of Korean philosophy? Today, this assumption represents the latest frontier of cosmetics – highly performing formulas based on fermented ingredients obtained from tasty foods that are good for the body. A new way of approaching beauty.

We always up to date with research and innovation, has created Superfood Body Shape program, in line with this innovative new trend. We therefore created an exclusive multi-functional and sensorial beauty treatment containing fermented ingredients and synergetic extracts that benefit from the properties of these special active ingredients. Superfood Body Shape combines draining, anti-cellulite and lipolytic properties. Want to find out more? Keep on reading!

Not your usual spa ritual


Superfood Body Shape was designed to provide visible, easy-to-maintain results in a short space of time. In just three sessions, you will counter orange-peel-skin, water retention and localised body fat, thanks to the action of the special booster with fermented ingredients! Let’s take a deeper look…

The first session purifies and clears the skin from excess toxins, promotes the mobilisation of stagnant liquids and restores the correct perspiration and dermal functions thanks to the extracts contained in Superfood Drena-Cell, the special body booster with intense draining action with extracts and active ingredients of Black Cabbage, Bladder cherry, Elderberry and Pomegranate.

The second session works on cellulite blemishes by leaving tissues toned and firm: Superfood Ultra-Cell, ultra-concentrate serum is enriched with decongesting, firming and healing extracts, such as Black Cabbage, Chinotto Orange, Quinoa, Centella and Ivy.
The final session utilises the lipolytic and lipo-reducing properties of Superfood Lipo-Cell to efficiently work on skin blemishes linked to body fat and to finalise the results achieved during the previous sessions. Lipo-Cell booster contains Black Cabbage, Quinoa, Sundews and Pomegranate.

The relaxing rituals become experiences of ultra-sensorial wellness with Superfood Multi-Action Body Mud, the exclusive chromo-mud applied during each session. Get pampered by velvety light pink: the product will win you over with its intense fragrance and mousse texture, reshaping your silhouette. For a final detox, rebalancing, firming and lipolytic effect: what more can you ask for from a body treatment?


What can you expect from Superfood Body Shape?

Let’s cut to the chase: Superfood Body Shape ensures up to -13 cm of global slimming. Water retention is reduced by up to -35%, orange-peel-skin by up to -25%, and localised body fat is decreased by 30%. Promising, right? Just book your treatment at one of your nearest Gerard’s Institutes.

Enhancing and keeping results at home


The benefits of Superfood Body Shape are optimised thanks to Gerard’s dietary supplements, ideal to counter weight gain, and promote the removal of excess toxins at the same time as the treatment.
Slim-Active Drink, containing vegetal extracts and draining ingredients, delivers a powerful purifying action, while Lipo-Active Drink, containing Yerba Mate and Guarana, stimulates the lipid metabolism.


Results maintenance starts after the final session of Superfood Body Shape: with Body Action Kit, exclusive beauty shaping daily program! The ultra-performing action of this kit is provided by the combined use of two extraordinary products: Cryo Slim, refreshing gel that promotes the skin blood microcirculation, and Thermo Slim, thermo-active gel that promotes the mobilisation of liquids with a lipolytic effect.

Contact your trusted Beauty Consultant to try the Superfood Body Shape experience!