Do you suffer from irritations, redness, itching, ingrown hair and annoying (super fast!) post-waxing growth?

Don’t panic!

Here, you will find some tips to enjoy perfectly smooth, soft and flawless skin for weeks to come.

Before and after waxing. How to get ready?

You may already have some basic notions; nevertheless, here’s a complete recap to help if you are “inexperienced”: 

  • Exfoliate. A scrub will prepare your skin by removing the superficial layer of dead cells as well as any ingrown hair.
  • Moisturize and nourish your skin (not only after waxing!). Here’s some specific solutions by Gerard’s: elixirs, oils and creams to leave your skin even softer and more compact. A gentle massage during the product application can only be beneficial for your silhouette!
  • Do not wax too often. You should wait a few weeks in-between waxing. By letting your hair grow, the wax will stick to the skin more efficiently and will remove what’s necessary. Moreover, it will prevent the issue of ingrown hair!

    Let Gerard’s Beauty Experts pamper you. Discover Epil Perfection, the  360° pre- and post-waxing treatment!


Epil Perfection… instantly perfect legs for longer!

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Featuring various phases, Epil Perfection is a true ritual that turns a basic beauty routine into a moment of complete wellness.

  • Phase 1. Cleansing, purifying, exfoliating During the first step of the treatment, your Gerard’s Beauty Expert will get rid of dead cells and toxins, providing a relaxing sensation thanks to a special massage. EuphorylTM, the molecule of happiness, boosts the release of endorphins and provides an immediate feeling of wellness. The natural extracts of Poppy, Burdock and Artichoke purify and detoxify the skin.
  • Phase 2. Waxing Your Beauty Expert will wax the areas you want, by accurately removing all excess hair.
  • Phase 3. Soothing, perfecting, refreshing and toning To finish up the treatment, your Gerard’s Beauty Expert will apply a special oil in order to gently remove any wax residue and soothe the skin, followed by EPILWAIT, an extraordinary gel that purifies the skin pores countering folliculitis. EPILWAIT, enriched with Papain, Lemon Balm, Sweet Almond Oil, Fennel and Rosemary, leaves complexion flawless by soothing unsightly redness caused by waxing, refreshes the skin and delays the growth of excess hair. A must-have product available in the home-care format to extend the results achieved at the Salon.

Beautiful and flawless legs.

Turn a simple beauty routine into a real Spa ritual with Gerard’s!

Waxing has never been more relaxing. Gerard’s wellness philosophy is portrayed in these small yet big details, where the needs of each Person are at the core of each formula, treatment and beauty & home-care product.

Find out more about our products on Gerard’s online shop, or contact your trustworthy Beauty Consultant for a consultation tailored to your needs.