The latest exclusive Holistic Beauty treatment created by Gerard’s Laboratories

Can happiness be quantified? Measured? It’s a question we may ask ourselves after the summer holidays, especially the first week back to work.

From a scientific point of view, each year, thanks to a study carried out by the United Nations, we can pinpoint happiness, at least geographically, through the World Happiness Report.  

Do you know which Country is at the top? The Nordic Countries!

Who would have thought? What really makes the difference in terms of incredible welfare and quality of life in general is mental asset. In Sweden, it’s called lagom, in Denmark, hygge, and it can be summarized as a genuine way to experience your daily routine, with the aim of finding balance and harmony with your surroundings. Less is more, dear friend.

Such approach does not only define lifestyle, but also, Nordic Beauty, a minimalist yet highly performing skincare, in which harmony between the right doses, between body and holistic wellness, between nature and science prevail.

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An invigorating ritual

This philosophy is the inspiration behind the new Nordic Body Reshape holistic beauty treatment, which performs a lipolytic and re-compacting action, as well as a rebalancing effect for body and mind. One session a week for at least three weeks and results will be impressive: -13 cm* global slimming, +35%* toned and compact tissues, +40%* reshaped silhouette*. A unique and extraordinary treatment that combines the benefits of a professional cosmetic session with the harmonising properties of a holistic ritual, thanks to the combination of slimming and relaxing movements and active ingredients with a neurocosmetic action.

Among the many exclusive ingredients featured in Nordic Body Reshape, there’s lingonberry: a true beauty ally thanks to its invigorating properties, inspired by the tradition of the European Nordic Countries. To deliver the best results, lingonberry is mixed with other active ingredients, such as dog rose and Iceland moss. 

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Two fundamental steps

The treatment uses a massage blend obtained by mixing two products with intense rebalancing and slimming actions, enriched by neurocosmetic active ingredients:

Nordic Body Fluid, the special body cleansing milk that prepares the skin surface to reoxygenate tissues by restoring the skin’s ideal physiological purity

Nordic Body Gel, exclusive invigorating and lipolytic body gel with an ultra-sensorial texture and delicate fragrance. Red like the colour of Scandinavia lingonberries.

What next? The post-Nordic treatment is essential to maintain results

To enhance the benefits of the treatment, counter weight gain and promote the elimination of excess toxins, Gerard’s has designed two products to maintain results at home:

Slim active drink, liquid dietary supplement with vegetal extracts and purifying draining active ingredients.

Lipo-active drink, liquid dietary supplement with Yerba Mate and Guarana with a stimulating action for the lipid metabolism.

For your daily routine, Gerard’s recommends snelling, intensive cream to counter cellulite blemishes in the morning, and raxodo, anti-gravity lifting body cream in the evening.

The synergetic combination of these products with intense action helps to counter cellulite blemishes and skin relaxation for immediately sculpted, toned and smooth silhouette.

Useful information

Gerard’s philosophy has always been based on the fusion between physical and mental wellness, a concept that not only relates to beauty, but also to the inner dimension to reach overall holistic balance.

Contact your trustworthy beauty consultant for more informations!

* Self-assessing in vivo testing on voluntary participants at the Institute. Figure obtained by the sum of knee, thigh, gluteus and abdomen circumference.