Algae Cell Shock

Intensive treatment designed for the blemishes caused by diffusedcellulite and adiposity. The effective combination of SeaweedMud, Fucus and Green Clay, encourages the draining of excessliquids and toxins, reducing the look of “orange-peel skin” with animmediate loss of centimetres from the waistline, legs and gluteus.

This specific intensive treatment reshapes and tones the silhouette.Thanks to the targeted movements that help loosen the joints,combined with the massage, Pepper Treatment reactivates thebiological processes, stimulates the blood microcirculation andcombats even the most stubborn cellulite leaving skin smoother andmore toned.

Intensive treatment with Seaweed Mud - an exclusive blend obtained from the green Clay mixture - spring mineral water, Fucus Seaweed, Ivy and Horse chestnut. 
It encourages the draining of excess liquids, stimulates the cell’s metabolism helping to contrast cellulite thanks to a powerful reducing and reshaping action.


Immediate loss of centimetres from the waistline and from the legs.Already from the first sitting, skin becomes more compact andmore supple.


Ideal for subjects prone to or suffering from visible aesthetic blemishes linked to diffused cellulite and water retention.
For subjects suffering from hyperthyroid conditions, it is advisable to suggest Pepper Treatment instead.
Frequency advised: twice a week for a month.

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