This Cookie Policy has been drafted and issued to complete the previously provided notice as per art. 13 of EU Regulation 2016/679, published on the website and issued in compliance with the provisions of the Italian Authority of May 08, 2014, on personal data protection with the subject “identification and simplified notice and authorization for the use of cookies” and subsequent amendments and additions. The Data Controller is C.D. s.r.l., via Stazione Vecchia, 72, 25050 Provaglio d’Iseo (Brescia, Italy) (“Data Controller”).

A "cookie" is a small piece of data created by some websites and stored on the user’s computer when the user accesses a certain website, with the purpose of storing and transferring information. Cookies are sent from a web server (which is the computer used to run the visited website) to the user’s browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) and stored on the user’s computer; these are then re-sent to the website on subsequent visits.
Cookies are generally classified as follows:
- according to the subject that installs them on the user’s computer, whether it is the same operator of the website that the user is visiting (the so-called “first-party cookie”) or a different website, which installs cookies through the first website (the so-called “third-party cookie”);
- according to their duration, persistent cookies, that is, cookies that are stored, even after the browser is closed, for a set period of time, on the user's device (such as, for example, cookies used to ensure authentication on the site, preventing the user from having to put login credentials again), and session cookies, which are not permanently stored, but are automatically deleted each time the browser is closed;
- according to their purpose: some cookies allow the website that installed them to remember, for example, the preferences expressed by the user while browsing, when making a purchase or putting login details (the so called “technical cookies” or strictly necessary cookies”, required for the correct functioning of the site or the services enabled or requested by the user; some cookies and similar technologies are provided for the purpose of processing statistical information on the use of the site and its functioning in order to assess its performance and thus improve its service (the so-called “analytical cookies”); lastly, other cookies allow the site that installed them to monitor the user's browsing also for the purpose of advertising or offering services in line with the preferences expressed by the user when browsing, and/or to assess the relevance of advertising campaigns and content presented to the user (so-called “profiling cookies” or "marketing cookies").

Below are the types of cookies used by the Website, classified according to their function and purposes.

Their purpose is to allow the correct performance of the website and/or some of its sections; therefore, they are essential to allow the User to correctly navigate the entire website and use its functions.

These cookies are used (e.g. by Google Analytics) to perform statistical analysis of how users browse the Site via computers or mobile devices, the number of pages visited, or the number of clicks made on a page while browsing the Site. The Controller processes the results of these analytical cookies anonymously and exclusively for statistical purposes.
Analytical cookies are sent by the Site itself (the so-called “first party” cookies) or by third-party domains / websites, as explained in detail in the following section.

The Website uses the following as third-party cookies:

With the exception of technical cookies, which are strictly necessary to allow normal website navigation or to use certain features, and first-party analytical cookies (similar to technical cookies), the provision of data is provided by the user who decides to browse the Site after reading the brief information included in the banner to use the services that require the installation of cookies. The Controller, as per current laws, is not required to ask for the user's consent in relation to the use of first party technical and/or analytical cookies, as they are essential to provide the requested services when navigating the Site.
As a result, these are automatically installed by the Site during the User’s first visit. For all other types of cookies and, specifically, for third party cookies, the User's consent is required by means of an immediate pop-up banner on the Site: consent is automatically granted by the User by closing the banner, by scrolling the page, by clicking outside the banner or by continuing navigation.
Moreover, the User may give or withhold consent via one or more of the following means:
- by accessing and changing the settings of the browser used to navigate the Site (please refer to the paragraph "How do I disable cookies?");
- by changing the settings when using third party services (please refer to the paragraph "How do I disable cookies?");
- by changing settings as described below.

Almost all Internet browsers are pre-set to automatically accept cookies. The User can change default settings and disable cookies by setting the desired level of protection in the appropriate tab: in the Tool menu, select “Internet Options”, “General” and then click on the delete button.

Below are more detailed instructions on how to manage cookies on the most popular browsers. To delete cookies from your smartphone/tablet’s browser, please refer to the device user manual.
- Google Chrome: from the Tools menu, select Options (Preferences on Mac), click on Advanced options and select Privacy - Content Settings;
-Mozilla Firefox: for Mac, from the Preferences menu, click Privacy, go to “Show Cookies”; for Windows, select Tools, click Options, go to Privacy and select a personalised option for data history; Internet Explorer: in the Tools menu, select Internet Options and go to Privacy;
-Safari: go to Preferences and select Privacy;
-Internet Explorer: click on “Tools” from the browser’s top bar and select “Internet Options”; click “Settings’, then “Privacy” and select according to the desired action for Cookies.
In any case, it is recommended that the User check the indications of their browser.
If the User decides to decline all cookies, or decline the Site’s essential cookies, the User may encounter issues when buying online. In this case, browsing may become slower or generate errors.

As stated in the previous sections, the site may contain third-party cookies and links to other websites: third-parties websites have their own privacy policy, which is different from the one used by the Site and to which the Owner is completely unrelated. Below are the links to the pages containing specific third-parties information and instructions:
- Google Analytics:;
It is recommended that the User carefully read the information and policies regarding the use of cookies drawn up by third parties and, as mentioned above, in order to be aware of any changes made by the respective suppliers.
*This Policy is subject to Italian Regulations.

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