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Exclusive anti-redness shock treatment, ideal for minimising skin imperfections typically found in sensitive/irritable skin and those suffering from rosacea.

Restoring the skin’s natural barrier function, it protects against external aggression and encourages an even complexion. For well moisturised, soothed skin.


Intensive anti-redness treatment which brings a pleasant sensation of well-being, restructuring reactive, sensitised or couperose-prone skin types deep down.

Restoring the skin’s natural defences, which protects against the aggression of external agents and alleviates the psychosomatic reactions caused by stressful situations, visibly reducing widespread redness.


Instant relief for stinging, itching and burning sensations, it helps to hydrate and sooth skin deep down, restoring a natural, healthy complexion.


For sensitive, reactive and redness- or couperoseprone skin types. It is ideal in periods of intense stress or hormonal imbalances, season changes or extreme weather conditions.

Recommended use: for an intensive treatment, twice a week for a fortnight. Or, in non-acute phases, one application per week for four weeks.

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