This cosmeceutical inspired treatment is the perfect solution to bid farewell to spots and signs, keratinised and dull looking skin. By regulating the activity of the tyrosinase, it slows down and prevents the formation of melanin which leads to skin’s dyschromia.

As a result, the complexion becomes uniform and radiant, for a visibly younger look.


Re-White Age Control is the latest-generation aesthetic treatment for the face, neck and neckline, created to provide an effective answer to skin discolouring and skin blemishes caused by the sun, skin ageing or incorrect lifestyles.

Thanks to the synergic action of its precious ingredients, it minimizes and reduces the intensity of skin discolouring from the very first session, evens the complexion, making it homogeneous and luminous, and ensures an extraordinary global anti-age effect, whatever your age.


Results are truly extraordinary right from the very first session. The skin starts to change: the tissues are oxygenated deep down, moisturization increases, blemishes are minimized and a visible global anti-age effect is obtained, for a straight-away more uniform and luminous complexion and a younger, fresher and more radiant skin.


Ideal for skins discoloured by ageing and external/ hormonal factors, with non-uniform colouring and subject to early ageing, dull and devitalized.

Recommended frequency: after a session of Essential Face Regime proceed with 2 sessions during the first week and continue with 1 session a week for at least 3 more weeks.

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