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The regenerating power of Alpha-Hydroxy Acids meets the ultimate epigenetic technology in this ultra-perfecting face ritual that reprograms skin’s age with an incredible resurfacing effect.

It performs an efficient action on dilated pores, wrinkles, skin dyschromia and acne scars, with a never-seen-before brightening effect.


The regenerating properties of alpha-hydroxy acids meet the ultimate epigenetic technology in this innovative super perfecting program that transforms skin’s overall appearance, helping it to restore its ideal splendour. The latest active ingredients are the stars of the four steps of the protocol: starting with the mechanical exfoliating and cellular reactivating phase to awaken complexion brightness and to prepare the skin to enjoy all the benefits of Recreage Multi-Acid Complex. The exfoliating and re-densifying synergy of the acid and neutralising phase, which characterises the following steps, performs an efficient multi-active action on imperfections, signs of aging and uneven complexion, stimulating the epithelial regeneration, and therefore, the synthesis of collagen. The final dermal-restructuring phase transforms uneven texture, leaving the skin flawless for a total regenerating action.


Complexion becomes more uniform, skin texture is smoothened, dyschromia and acne scars are reduced, pores are minimized: skin looks visibly renewed and regenerated.


For dull, thickened skin lacking in tone, with acne outcomes, dyschromia, wrinkles and signs of aging. Recommended frequency: one session a week for 4 weeks. Make sure the client is not currently affected by dermatological pathologies and that no chemical medical or other peel in was performed in the last three months. Pay extra care in case of semipermanent tattoos, where products containing acids must not be applied. For an even more complete and multifunctional ritual, extend the mechanical and acid exfoliating phase to the hands by gently wrapping them in the plastic sheet for the same length of time. The box already includes the retail version of Recreace Face Cream to use at home after the first session

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