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The harmonious sound of sea waves, the exotic taste of a faraway land and the seduction of a relaxing and rebalancing aroma are all enclosed in this holistic massage that reduces tension replacing it with a wonderful feeling of energy and lightness. Just like an exotic and regenerating holiday.


Inspired to neurocosmetics and to the Oriental neuromuscular energy therapies, this holistic treatment provides a complete feeling of psychophysical well-being. As a result, even skin is hydrated and supple, the silhouette is defined, toxins are eliminated and the senses are awakened, providing deep relaxation, unexpected lightness and energy.


Melts away tensions, illuminates the skin, giving sensations of vitality and deep relaxation - the same sensations one experiences after an exotic and regenerating vacation.


This treatment can be done any time the client wants. Ideal in case of anxiety, stress, tiredness, heaviness connected to water retention, energetic and psychophysical deficit. It can also be done both during and after pregnancy.

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