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If your skin looks dull, stressed and presents small imperfections, discoloration and irregular texture, your ideal cleansing routine should start with Re-White Cleansing Micropeeling. Use it as a normal cleanser, in the morning and evening for at least two months, and enjoy revitalised skin, wipe away irregularities in a short time and restore radiant and even skin, thanks to its deep purifying, mattifying and renewing action.

At least twice a week, use Re-White Age Control Face Exfoliant a special product that combines an enzymatic and mechanical action for a deep and complete exfoliation, ideal for combination skin types with severe imperfections, such as discoloration or acne outcomes.

At least twice a week, use Exfolight a special exfoliant with enzymatic action, which, thanks to proteolytic enzymes, exfoliates even the most sensitive and thin skin types, as well as mature ones with fine wrinkles, for even, fresh and visibly oxygenated skin.

At least twice a week, use Scrub Away exfoliant with mechanical action, which, thanks to Rice and Bamboo microgranules, exfoliates dull and thick skin types with visible irregularities, reducing dilated pores, for an even complexion and a visibly smoother texture.

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