Ideal to capture signs of aging and extend skin’s youth. Ideal for mature or prematurely aged skin types. It prevents premature signs of aging and corrects existing ones, such as fine lines and wrinkles. The power of this line is promoted by a blend of marine active ingredients to protect the cell membranes from the damaging action of free radicals triggered by internal factors, such as hormonal changes and stress, or by external factors, such as UVA, UVB, IR rays. Derma-compatible formulas prevent the deterioration of the dermoepidermal junction, which becomes thinner with aging, triggering the irreversible skin aging process. For rejuvenated skin, free from wrinkles and expression signs, with firmer and reshaped face contours.

A precious line specifically designed to correct the main signs of chrono-aging, such as wrinkles, loss of tone from face, neck and décolleté. Caviar’s overall anti-aging efficacy is promoted by powerful biomimetic active ingredients, including Grey Caviar extract, Hyaluronic Acid and marine proteins, which work in sync day and night, as a true “factory of cells”, improving and revitalising the skin’s natural functions. The combined use of Caviar day and night cream optimises the overall renewal of the epidermis, for an immediately more refined, firmer and visibly younger look. Caviar line is ideal for mature, dehydrated skin types, presenting deep wrinkles and visible loss of tone. It replenishes and reshapes the face contours, promoting a deep cell repairing action. .

The luxury of Diamonds, the most precious stones on Earth, is treasured in this face line that provides intense radiance with a never-seen-before 3D lifting effect. Ideal for combination, dull, thickened skin types with deep or superficial wrinkles. Luminous Lift combines an exclusive cosmetic photo-restoring technology, which improves the skin’s light reflecting properties, with vegetal polysaccharides and the latest biomimetic peptides for an extraordinary replenishing and lifting effect. Day after day, by using Luminous Lift Serum and Cream, wrinkles are smoothened, complexion is more even and radiant and the face contours are redefined, for a visibly fresher and younger look.

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